Composite deadend insulator,composite deadend insulator 46kv

Composite deadend insulators make up of FRP core, silicone rubber housing, composite sheds and metal end fitting. The structure of Composite deadend insulators 46kv is the same as composite deadend insulator.

Composite dead end insulators could be manufactured by means of moulding technology. The juncture between end fittings and core is totally embedded in composite dead end insulators, remedying conventional and traditional seal defects.

Composite dead end insulator varieties:
Composite dead end insulator is one kind of the composite insulator, which another way of saying is composite suspension insulator. According to pollution status of environment, composite suspension insulator can be divided into common composite suspension insulator and anti-pollution insulator. Composite dead end insulator can be used in heavy pollution area.

composite dead end insulator                     composite dead end insulator 46kv   
                composite deadend insulator           composite deadend insulator 46kv             

46kv composite dead end insulator capabilities:
- Excellent impact resistance
- The characteristic to repel water of polymer material
- Excellent mechanical strength
- anti-pollution and acid resistance
- Color: red, gray, blue, etc.

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