Ceramic suspension insulator,high tension ceramic suspension insulator

Ceramic suspension insulator:
Ceramic suspension insulator is applicable to urban network transformation, which in other said is high tension ceramic suspension insulator. The voltage levels typically from 10KV to 1000 KV. The clevises type of ceramic suspension insulators top and bottom installed are the same as the corresponding size of composite suspension insulator, so they can be interchangeable use. The type code is normally ANSI, IEC and anti-pollution Type.

Ceramic suspension insulator mechanical strength:
Ceramic suspension insulator mechanical strength usually is tensile strength. If your ceramic suspension insulator has high tension strength, it is said ceramic suspension insulators can attract using the suspension insulator of electric power companies.

high tension ceramic suspension insulator                           ceramic suspension insulator
high tension ceramic suspension insulator                     ceramic suspension insulator            

High tension ceramic suspension insulator functions:
Our Ceramic suspension insulator has been widely used by all major wind power generated companies and state electricity boards, ceramic suspension insulator has good cantilever strength, torsion, the impact of the shack and explosion-proof superior performance, high mechanical strength, no zero value detection, easy installation and less maintenance have become a new generation insulators for high voltage transmission lines.

Our company emphasizes professional design on suspension insulators, and to make the Competitive suspension insulator price and high quality.

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