Specifications for polymer pin insulator
    Polymer pin insulator is widely used to high voltage power line to support conductor and insulate from ground.
    Porcelain long rod insulators
    Porcelain long rod insulators are commonly used on transmission lines in Middle Europe, while cap and pin insulators are applied here relatively seldom.
    Medium voltage insulators
    Medium voltage insulators the application areas of our medium voltage insulators are versatile.
    EHV polymer insulators properties
    The electrical voltage is keep rising in recent years, because of the high requirement of electrical, so higher EHV polymer insulators properties are required, such as safety, reliability, practicability and technical etc.
    LV & HV pintype insulators
    LV & HV pintype insulators distributed by Orient Power are designed and manufactured with both economy and the installer in mind, porcelain pin type insulators are popular pin insulators.
    Solid core cylindrical insulator
    Solid core cylindrical insulator can be divided into Polymer insulators made by silicone rubber and Porcelain station post insulator made by ceramic material.
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