Outdoor insulators
    Outdoor insulators have an important function as vital equipment in overhead transmission lines and substations.
    Anti-pollution type suspension insulator
    Anti-pollution type suspension insulator is a suspension insulator. Insulation is the biggest feature of the insulator, Anti-pollution type suspension insulator to prevent contamination and thus lose the insulation effect.
    33KV post insulator shall be designed and manufactured to avoid stresses due to expansion and contraction which may lead to deterioration
    Polymer braced post insulators
    Polymer braced post insulators consist of glass fiber epoxy primer Stubbs rods, silicone rubber shed, fitting with three parts.
    Type of insulators in high voltage
    Type of insulators in high voltage is widely used in transmission and distribution lines. Since the voltage is high, the composite insulator is popular with the high voltage application.
    Low tension insulators
    Low tension insulators is easy to see in our daily life. It is belonging to one part of distribution lines. When we hang out in street, we can see the low tension insulators everywhere.
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