Suspension disc insulator
    Suspension disc insulator is normally used for transmission and distribution power lines in insulator strings for any voltage levels. They can be designed in different types of polluted zone and mechanical strength.
    Difference between suspension and strain insulators
    There are some difference between suspension and strain insulators in the light of insulator application, insulator installation and insulator mechanical strength.
    Disc insulator specification
    Disc insulator specification includes disc insulator standards and end fittings for disc insulator standards, such as ANSI C29.2 mainly talk about disc insulator definition, parameters and models.
    120 kn disc insulator
    120 kn disc insulator is one of disc insulator, it is designed in 120kN rated electrical and mechanical failing load used for high voltage electrical systems.
    Anti fog disc insulator
    Anti fog disc insulator can be designed in tongue & clevis, ball &socket that provide a cost effective for low, medium and high polluted environments.
    11kv stay insulator
    11kv stay insulator is one of stay insulator used on electrical poles for supporting and insulation, which is also called guy strain insulator.
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