Porcelain suspension insulator,porcelain suspension insulator XHP-70

Porcelain suspension insulator XHP-70 are designed to link together into strings, typically of two or more, to provide much higher voltage protection than any single insulator.

Porcelain suspension insulator XHP-70 Packing:
Factory-assembled short strings of porcelain suspension Insulators are packed in wooden crates, which are reinforced and held closed by external wire bindings (no nails are used). A crate is shown here in the open position, and it is internally braced to permit stacking.
Crates are evenly stacked on a sturdy four-way wooden pallet. This assembly is held tightly in place with either steel or plastic bands, and is protected with a polyethylene film.

porcelain suspension insulator                    porcelain suspension insulator XHP-70
          porcelain suspension insulator               porcelain suspension insulator XHP-70   

Porcelain suspension insulator parameters:

Insulator technical description unit value
Unit spacing H mm 146
Dia.D mm 255
Leakage distance mm 432
Rated E&M failing load KN 70
Routine tension load KN 35
Impact failing load N.m 5.6
Wet power freq. withstand voltage KV 42
Lightning impluse withstand voltage KV 120
RIV Test voltage to ground KV 10
Power freq.Puncture voltage KV 120

Porcelain suspension insulator testings: appearance inspection, cantilever test, thread test, puncture test, temperature cycle test, galvanizing test, routine flashover test, routine mechanical test

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