Silicone rubber suspension insulator,silicone rubber suspension insulator hardware

Silicone rubber suspension insulator connected with wire through using hardware, silicone rubber suspension insulator hardware is very essential.

Silicone rubber suspension insulator:
We are one of the largest insulator wholesalers in China. Silicone rubber suspension insulator can install on the distribution and transmission lines. Silicone rubber suspension insulator can install on overtop distribution and transmission lines with 6 type end fittings.
Silicone rubber suspension insulator end fitting configuration:
Silicone rubber suspension insulators are available with six end fitting configurations therefore, adapt easily to any method of attachment to structures and conductor clamps as well as all of composite insulators.
The user’s selection of the required end fitting combination will depend on construction situation (new or retrofitted line) specific application (I, V, deadend) and maintenance practice.
Each end fitting configuration is identified by a type letter.

silicone rubber suspension insulator                       composite suspension insulator
silicone rubber suspension insulator                    composite suspension insulator    

Silicone rubber suspension insulators framework:
Silicone rubber suspension insulator series consist of FRP core, silicone rubber shed, housing and hardware as well as all of composite insulators. With special colloid installation and compression joint technique in the connection of the FRP core and the hardware, the insulator has the advantages of high mechanical strength, nice figure, small volume, less weight. Another advantage is the end fittings which plated zinc to resist erosion, can be interchanged with porcelain suspension insulator.

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