Silicone rubber suspension insulator,silicone rubber suspension insulator supplier

Orient Power is one largest manufacturer of silicone rubber suspension insulator. As a silicone rubber suspension insulator supplier, Orient Power can produce some types of silicone rubber insulator.

Silicone rubber suspension insulator benefits:
Excellent thermal insulation: The product minimizes heat dissipation.
Broad temperature range: The insulation system can be used at temperatures-ranging from -40°C to +40°C.
Less work-related accidents: silicone rubber suspension insulator reduces risk of getting burned or suffering concussion injuries.
Various advantages: The product is self-adhesive, water-repellent, self-cleaning and capable of resisting a wide range of voltage.
Robust quality: The material is resistant to both UV light and weathering.
Easy handling: silicone rubber suspension insulator is very flexible and ductile, easy to process and repair without the need for any adhesives and just as easy to remove.
Go Green: silicone rubber suspension insulator is an ecologically smart innovation.
Sustainable solution: As a molded part, it provides long service and is reusable.
Allows eco-friendly disposal: The material can be disposed of with household waste.

silicone rubber suspension insulator                    composite suspension insulator
Silicone rubber suspension insulator                 composite suspension insulator  

Orient Power is mainly producing silicone rubber or composite suspension insulators. It is a limited company in China. Orient Power will attend 2015 Dubai exhibition, and took part in Chicago IEEE PES exhibition electricity 2014 exhibition. In the exhibition, we show customers our products; let them learn more about us, such as our history. Especially learning our insulators knowledge is very important.

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