Ceramic electrical insulators

Ceramic suspension insulators are one of ceramic electrical insulators consisting of FRP core, silicone rubber housing, shed and hardware with 292mm leakage distance.

 Ceramic electrical insulator              Ceramic insulator        

We want to deeply understand the electrical insulators; firstly, we must know the ceramic electrical insulator definition.

Electrical insulator definition:
An electrical insulator is a material that does not conduct electricity. Such materials can include ceramic, glass, non-ceramic, rubber and silicon dioxide. Different materials often have different purposes — to the extent that a particular material may be used exclusively in some electrical insulators and avoided in others. Such as Ceramic Electrical insulation for porcelain disc suspension insulator often is used when voltage is low, as it is with most residential and commercial systems. Insulation prevents hazards associated with electricity, including short circuits and fires. Ceramic electrical insulators are one main of electrical insulators.

Reading the insulator definition, we can know what an insulator is. Secondly, we can learn the Ceramic electrical insulators application, properties, specification and formation and so on. 

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