Silicone Rubber and Crimping

Silicone Rubber and Crimping are important parts of the insulator. The quality of good Silicone Rubber and Crimping can make the transmission and distribution system more secure.


Silicone Rubber
The Silicone Rubber is the component with a specific expiry date. For this reason, the first-in-first-out principle has strictly to be followed.
Each batch comes with a certificate, which contains the relevant physical data measured on samples of uncured Silicone Rubber.
For this reason, specimens are vulcanised from each batch and the erosion resistance and the hydrophobicity are individually and automatically measured. The test equipment for this receiving inspection was directly developed from the current activities of CIGRE Working Group.

Controlled machines with eight jaws are state-of-the-art crimping process machines. The crimp machines used by PFISTERER SEFAG have two independent integrated control mechanisms,
Crimp pressure and Travel distance of moving jaws.
For each metal grade (steel, aluminium etc.) and each combination of end fitting and rod diameters, an empirically established field of crimp parameters is applied. When commissioning new machines, great care must been taken in their calibration to guarantee the applicability of the introduced and well-established crimp parameters.


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