polymer suspension insulator,10KV polymer suspension insulator

10KV polymer suspension insulator to be supplied against customers or international specification shall be suitable for high temperature conditions.10KV polymer suspension insulator can be used with other voltage insulator to become insulator string.

10KV polymer suspension insulator design requirements:
10KV polymer suspension insulator will be used on overhead lines which the conductor will be wire of size up to suitable for insulators. The insulators should withstand the conductor tension, the reversible wind load as well as the high frequency vibrations due to wind.

10KV polymer suspension insulator:
10KV polymer suspension insulator shall be suitable for 10KV overhead distribution system in a heavily polluted atmosphere. All surfaces shall be clean, smooth without cuts, abrasions or projections. Polymer suspension insulator can clean itself. 10KV polymer suspension insulator and metal part shall be so designed and manufactured that it shall avoid local corona formation and not generate any radio interference beyond specified limit under the operations conditions.

10KV polymer suspension insulator                   polymer suspension insulator
 10KV polymer suspension insulator                     polymer suspension insulator       

Polymer suspension insulators offered shall be suitable for use of hotline maintenance technique so that usual hot line operation can be carried out with ease, speed and Safety.
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