11kv brown pin insulators

11kv brown pin insulators are made from high strength porcelain materials to give rigid support yo overhead line and intended to be mounted vertically on supporting structure.

11kv brown pin insulators

The requirements of 11kv brown pin insulators
◆ The Porcelain shall be sound and free from defects, thoroughly vitrified and smoothly glazed
◆ The glaze shall be brown in color
◆ The glaze shall cover all the porcelain parts of the insulator except those areas which serve as support during fixing or are left unglazed for the Purpose of assembly
◆ The porcelain shall not engage directly with hard metal

Cement used in the construction of the 11kv brown pin insulators shall not cause fracture by expansion or lessen by contraction and proper care shall be taken to locate the individual parts correctly during cementing.

The cement shall not give rise to chemical reaction with metal fitting and its thickness shall be as uniform as possible

11kv brown pin insulators one of porcelain pin insulators, can also be designed in grey color used for distribution power lines.


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