138KV suspension insulator

The planning and construction of complex overhead line systems requires expertise and the trust and cooperation of all stakeholders. Orient Power is your system partner with global experience in the design and manufacture of 138KV suspension insulator.

138KV suspension insulator             composite suspension insulator

138KV suspension insulator connection clamps:
The ORIENT POWER 138KV suspension insulators tension clamp range features three different systems, i.e. compression dead-end clamps, bolted strain clamps, and wedge-type tension clamps. Of those three clamp systems, ORIENT POWER has been primarily using the hexagonal compression method and has been developing it to a high technical level since the mid-sixties. The compression clamps are made of high quality aluminum alloy and are suitable for loads of up to 1,000 kN. Clamps are available for all types of conductors.

ORIENT POWER 138KV suspension type insulators clamps are designed based on all the latest knowledge from testing and from successful service operation over many years. According to customer requirements various types of clamps are available such as:
-Trunnion type
-Armor grip suspension type
-Envelope type for enhanced corona requirements

As a reputed suspension insulator manufacturer, except 138KV suspension insulator, we also produce 10KV,11KV,22KV.33KV,35KV,66KV,69Kv,110KV,220KV,230KV,330Kv,400KV,500KV suspension insulators.

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