15 kv dead end insulator

15 kv dead end insulator is made by polymer materials for transmission and distribution lines in range of voltage 15kV, also known as 15kV polymer deadend insulator.

15 kv dead end insulator

The design of 15 kv dead end insulator
Dead end insulator, manufactured of aluminum covered steel, is designed for single-pole distribution construction. Mechanical strength meets the requirements of primaries, secondaries, and substation feeders. Some of Polymer suspension insulator can be designed in the same way.

The application of 15 kv dead end insulator
This product is intended for a single (one-time) use and for the specified application, although it may be reapplied twice for retensioning within 90 days of initial installation.

Markings — Markings for Orient suspension insulators and dead end insulators are permanently embossed into the end fittings and polymer housing. Markings include SML rating, date of manufacture in accordance with ANSI C29.13 standards, and Orient Power identification.

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