30 kv composite insulators

30 kv composite insulators is widely used on high voltage distribution lines, includes many kind of insulators, such as composite pin insulators, suspension insulators, line post insulators and so on.

30 kv composite insulator              30 kv composite insulator

30 kv composite insulators features:
Plain shed: Standard design performing well in mild pollution environment
M&E Test: Electromechanical failing load test as per IEC 60383-1
Patented under-rib design of the sheds; Dead End configurations
Manufactured according to IEC61109, 62217 and IEC 60120

30 kv composite insulators advantages:
Better pollution resistance, Resistant to ozone & UV radiations, Resistant to earth quake shocks
Good hydrophobicity performance, Good anti-fracture performance, Good quality, Good mechanical strength
High mechanical strength, physical inspection & testing, prevent flash accidents, outstanding leakproofness
Light weight: it is easy to transport and install.

Orient Power started in 1978, the era of composite insulator design and manufacture. Since then, silicone rubber has been used as housing material. With the increasing demand for composite insulators, this technology has been growing rapidly. At the same time, the specifications led to optimisation of the properties of the Silicone Rubber. You can get more details about 30 kv composite insulators on our website.

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