Composite suspension insulator,33KV composite disc insulator

33KV composite disc insulator is one of the most commonly used insulator of the composite suspension insulator. 33KV composite disc insulator has been widely used by all major wind power generated companies.

Commonly used on overhead power line in power frequency voltage 33kV, play the role of insulation and support wire. The performance of composite long rod insulator won’t change as environment and electrical load conditions changed.

33kv composite disc insulator structure consists of Fiber glass Reinforced core rod, Silicone rubber shed, Housing, End fitting. Orient Power manufactures 33kv composite suspension insulators using the highest grade of raw materials and modern technology.

Composite suspension insulator                33KV composite disc insulator

33kv composite suspension insulator functions compared with ceramic disc insulator:
1.33KV composite suspension insulators are smaller than porcelain suspension insulator, and they are easy to maintain; own light weight, easy to install; have high mechanical strength, and not easily broken; the seismic performance is excellent, good pollution resistant.

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