400KV porcelain single suspension insulator string

400KV porcelain single suspension insulator string can be divided into suspension and strain. The porcelain suspension insulators can be called suspension insulators or strain insulators.
Suspension" and "Strain" insulators are the same thing; when used in the vertical position they are called "suspension"; when used in the horizontal, to dead-end a conductor, they are called "strain".
There are two basic types of suspension insulators: unipart and multipart.
Uniparts were first developed in the 1910s and are the common style still in production today. Each unit has a single porcelain shell bonded to a steel cap and a steel pin. The modular units connect with each other cap-to-pin, forming a chain or "string".

porcelain suspension insulator                   ceramic suspension insulator

The mechanical strength of a string is determined by the rating of the metal parts of a single unit, but the electrical rating can be increased by simply adding more units. This system allows for much higher insulation value than any pin-type insulator: the largest one-piece pin-type power insulator ever made in the Orient Power. was the Corning Pyrex No. 701, which is rated at only 70,000 volts, while a string a suspension insulators could be assembled that stands off 1,000,000 volts or more.

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