66kv & 132kv composite line post insulators requirements

66kv & 132kv composite line post insulators requirements is general shown on the attachment or specifications by insulator purchaser. Some are important for insulator manufacturers.

line post insulator

The general configuration and application of the 132 kV and 66 kV insulators will be as shown on Drawing Nos. N026-1681-01A and N026-1681-02A included as part of this specification.

The insulators shall be designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant parts of Standard IEC 1109, except where modified by the requirements of this specification.

The insulators shall comply with the required dimensional, electrical and mechanical characteristics listed in Attachment 1.

The insulators are required to maintain satisfactory electrical and mechanical performance throughout their lifetime, which is specified as 40 years.
Full dimensional drawings (including tolerances) shall be supplied with the Offer.

A set of Load Application Curves showing the mechanical rating for various combinations of vertical (cantilever), transverse (tension or compression) and longitudinal loads, relevant to the insulators offered shall also be included in the tender submission.

66kv & 132kv composite line post insulators design shall be enough the requirements. Insulator suppliers and manufacturers produce the insulators in accordance with the requirements.


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