66kv porcelain insulators weight

66kv porcelain insulators weight is not certain because 66kv porcelain insulators can be divided into line post insulator, suspension insulators, station post insulator, crossarm insulator and so on.

66kv porcelain insulator

66kv porcelain insulators weight components:
Metal end fittings as follows:
Aluminum flanges: High-strength aluminum alloy cast flanges
The fittings can be forge steel
Stainless steel galvanized
Wet process high strength porcelain
Other factors of 66kv porcelain insulators

Porcelain insulators provided by Orient Power have good thermal-Mechanical Performance. The mechanical strength of porcelain insulators depend on the quality of porcelain body and end fittings and 66kv porcelain insulators weight will be certain when you are sure the insulator types.


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