ANSI ceramic suspension insulator

When all parts of ANSI  ceramic suspension insulator are manufactured, the technical personal will write the report or the insulator parameters in profile.

Over the years Orient Power engineers have developed and optimized different type of ANSI ceramic suspension insulator shells, each having the special combination of characteristics described and illustrated below. Standard profile has a leakage distance in excess of standard duty. The standard profile composite suspension insulators all meet ANSI C29.2.
Spherical profile for leakage distance is equivalent to that of standard profile type. The absence of under-ribs reduces pollution build-up. It also facilitates self-cleaning on washing in dust-laden environments.

ANSI ceramic suspension insulator                   ceramic suspension insulator
  ANSI ceramic suspension insulator                  ceramic suspension insulator        

Fog profile has an extra-long leakage distance obtained by ribs of greater depth. The profile and wide spacing of the ribs promote an effective self-cleaning and facilitate washing. Their wide spacing also prevents arcing between adjacent ribs under severe contamination.
Open profile the absence of deep under-ribs on this shell type greatly reduces pollutant accumulation on the lower surface because air flow is smooth and uninterrupted. This design is particularly effective in desert areas where natural washing by rain is infrequent. It can also solve ice-bridging problems when alternated with other profiles in the string.

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