ANSI porcelain disc suspension insulator testings

ANSI porcelain disc suspension insulator testings must be implemented before shipment. The suspension insulators testings ensure the high quality of suspension insulators.

ANSI porcelain disc suspension insulator testings:
Our power company has tested the ANSI porcelain disc suspension insulator under oil and punctured limited volt. The manufacturer regards an average value for puncture strength. These suspension insulators have stood high-frequency flashover for one hour. Each ANSI porcelain disc suspension insulator unit is tested mechanically to a strain of suitable pounds; then it is tested electrically to flashover for ten minutes on a 60-cycle transformer. A high-frequency oscillator is being built for the company for testing at average volts. As soon as this is finished, all porcelain disc suspension insulators will be tested on high frequency. Our company strongly believes in using high frequency, as it is better to find the weaknesses before putting the insulators on the line than afterward.

ANSI porcelain disc suspension insulator           porcelain disc suspension insulator   

In the light of the testing data, we will improve the weakness of suspension insulators and produce higher quality porcelain suspension insulators than before.

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