Aerial fiber optics – OPGW & ADSS

Aerial fiber optics includes OPGW & ADSS, and OPGW means Optical Pilot Grounding Wire used on Transmission Line to protect the phase conductor and evacuate faulty currents. ADSS is All Die-electric Self Supported.

Aerial fiber optics – OPGW & ADSS details:
Optical Fibers are thin long (km) strands of ultra pure glass (silica) or plastic that can to transmit light from one end to another without much attenuation or signal Loss (dB).
“The glass used to make Optical Fiber is so pure that if the Pacific Ocean was filled with this glass then we would be able to see the Ocean bottom form the surface..!!”—Deepest point called Marina Trench, Pacific Ocean is all of just 13km deep…..!!!
This is to believe as repeater distance on long haul routes for Optical Fiber vary 50 to 150 km.

Working Optical Fibers..?
The Light Source (Lazer/LED) at the transmitting (Tx) end is modulated by the electrical signal and this modulated energy is fed into the Optical Fiber.
At the receiving end (Rx) this light energy is made incident on photo-sensors (Photo-Diode-Electric) which convert the light signal back to electric signal.

Advantages of Fiber Optic:
Very high information carrying capacity.
Less attenuation/loss (order of 0.2dm/km)
Small diameter and light weight
Low cost (Raw Material is sand…used to make OFC is free)
Greater Safety and immune to EMI & RFI, Moister and corrosion.
Flexible & easy installation
Zero resale value (Theft is less)
Difficult to tap fiber, so it is Secure.
No cross talk and disturbance.

Disadvantages of Fiber Optic:
The Transmitting Equipments are very costly.
OFC is delicate, So has to be handle with carefully.
Last mile connectivity is not total fiberised due to cost of Subscriber equipment.
End to end is not Totally Optical Domain so repeated electrical-Optical Conversion is needed.
Optical Amplifiers, MUX-DEMUX, Splitters are still in development stages.
Specialized tools required for tapping the OFC.
Optical Splicing is a specialized technique & needs expertly trained manpower.
Splicing and Testing equipments are very expensive as compared to copper.

Various types of Optical Fiber Cable:
Self Supporting Aerial Figure 8 type OFC
Lashed Type OFC
Underground/Direct Burried OFC
Duct Type OFC

What? OPGW= Optical Pilot Grounding Wire
Where? On Transmission Line
Why? To protect the phase conductor from Lightning strikes. To evacuate faulty currents.
When? On New Transmission Line or Existing Line to replace the old Earth wire.
Advantage of OPGW:
Allow installation and maintenance on energized cercuits
Light weight & small diameter minimize load on towers, poles and hardware fittings

What? ADSS= All Die-electric Self Supported
On Transmission Lines between the conductors
On Power utility LV and MV networks
On Railways Networks
On data communication Networks
Take Advantages of Existing Poles/Towers
Structures to Develop Alternative data
Communication Networks
To evacuate faulty currents
On Existing Transmission & Distribution Lines

Advantage of ADSS & Figure 8 Cables:
Allow installation and maintenance on energized circuits
Light weight & small diameter minimize load on towers, poles and hardware fittings
Same for Overhead & underground Applications
Round Shape minimize wind loading
No earthling required due to dielectric construction

Orient Branded OPGW & ADSS Fittings & Accessories:
Suspension Assembly
Tension Assembly
Vibration Damper
Cable Tray
OFC Splicing Enclosure (Tower/Pole Mount)

Services offered by Orient & Co.: (Related TL Projects):
OPGW, ADSS & UG OFC Installation
OFC Structure Network Design & Data Canter Implementation
OFC Jointing & Commissioning with OTDR & OPTICAL Power Unit
Electrical Conductor Installation & Commissioning
Project Management Consultancy

GIS Survey with PDA, DGPS & GPS:
Electrical Entity Survey
Door to door Survey

GIS Mapping with Arc GIS Software:
Rectification of Base Map and satellite imagery
Digitization of electrical network with electrical entities
Physical Map Creation
Indexing & Codification of Electrical assets

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