Aging test

Outdoor weathering is a natural phenomenon which affects all materials to some extent. Aging test can know anti-aging properties of the insulator, better applied to the transmission and distribution system.

insulator test

The principle of aging test:
Outdoor weathering includes the effects of varying temperature, humidity, rain, wind, impurities in the atmosphere, and the heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun. Under such conditions, the surface of an insulating material may be permanently changed. Physically by roughening and cracking and chemically by the loss of soluble components and by the reactions of the salts, acids, and other impurities deposited on the surface. Surfaces become hydrophilic and water penetrates more easily into the volume of the material.
Three samples of the weathershed material shall be tested for 1000 hours by one of the following test methods, except that test without water is not permitted. Surface defects such as cracks and blisters are not permitted.
Carbon Arc Methods: ASTM D750, D1499, or G23.
Χenon Arc Methods: ASTM G26, or D2565.
Fluorescent UV Methods: ASTM G53.

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