Anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulator quality

Anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulator quality is designed with high performance materials. Anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulator can be used in heavy pollution areas.

Anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulator quality control:
Asiatic has the requisite infrastructure to carry out routine tests on the Anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulators as desired by international standards like: Dry power frequency voltage test, Mechanical Tensile test, Thermo mechanical test chamber, U.V. weathering tensile test etc. as per IEC or ANSI.
Anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulator quality advantage:
1. with competitive price and high quality.
2. Hop dip galvanized cast steel for metal fittings.
3. long term life.

ceramic suspension insulator                         Anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulator
           ceramic suspension insulator                 Anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulator

High voltage suspension insulators have developed rapidly since early this century, beginning with simple porcelain insulators, Today modern anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulators are used, as well as the earlier materials. At the end of the hardware has cantilever strength and anti-pollution performance, we call the anti-pollution insulator.

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