Anti-pollution fog type insulators

Anti-pollution fog type insulators shall meet all applicable requirements of the following National Standards: ANSI Standard C29.2-1992 (R1999), Wet-Process Porcelain and Toughened Glass - Suspension Type Insulators.
Anti-pollution fog type insulators Cotter pins:
Shall be made of stainless steel and shall be self-retaining and self-locking after installation.

Anti-pollution fog type insulator

Anti-pollution fog type insulators marking:
Each Anti-pollution fog type insulator shall bear symbols identifying the manufacturer and giving the year of manufacture and the tension proof load in pounds, identified by the word “TEST”. The markings shall be legible and durable.

Anti-pollution fog type insulators parking:
Anti-pollution fog type insulators shall be securely crated and assembled with cotter pins in place. ANSI Class 52-3 and 52-5 suspension insulators shall be assembled in six-unit strings, and the fog type insulators in five-unit strings. Each crate shall be marked with the manufacturer’s name and catalog number of the insulators contained therein.
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