Best electrical insulator

Each electrical insulator company wants to produce best electrical insulator to attract customers. For this factor, the electrical insulators company can obtain greater benefits.

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Which type insulator is the best electrical insulator?
There are three kinds of view:
One view—Best electrical insulator depends on application. Teflon is best for very small currents, ceramic is probably best for high voltage with long term life, although a vacuum is also very good.

Two view—It's not really quite right to call the best insulator a material since it's actually the absence of material. What I am talking about is a Vacuum. In most other cases, the limits of insulation are generally set by the surrounding medium (such as air - a very important insulator). But on overhead line, we usually use porcelain or composite suspension insulator.

Three view—A vacuum is the best electrical insulator. But if you insist on naming some material, I would say any of the noble gases, He being the best. The best natural conductor of electricity is silver, then copper, then gold, then aluminum, so on.

On the transmission and distribution line, we also use electricity with disc suspension insulators.

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