Bird pecking investigation and analysis of the cause for 500kV transmission line composite insulator

 As a very important anti-pollution, flashover measure, composite insulators has been widely used on the transmission and distribution lines, and the number of composite insulators is increasing year by year, in the part of DC composite insulators has been used for more than 70%, played an important role in the line anti-pollution. Study on composite insulator has never been interrupted; The relevant operating experience has been accumulated more and more. Since 2005,in maintenance and operation of spanned transmission line,  every composite insulator is found to be pecked by birds more than once. According to incomplete statistics of the UHP Board, the number of damaged composite insulator is up to 114pcs, respectively located on four AC and DC power transmission lines in Henan, Hubei and Zhejiang Province, So as to against bird pecking on the   composite insulators, we should work out necessary investigation and analysis to find out the causes and laws, develop corresponding preventive measures, which is important and urgent task related to spanned grid security.

 Bird pecking on composite insulator

In July 2005, the department of construction and operation of the State grid Corporation of China formed a joint investigation group from China Electric Power Research Institute and other related organizations to conduct a site investigation in Henan, Hubei, Zhejiang Province , focusing on four lines of reported bird hazard, which are 500KV XINJIA line, HANDIAN AC 5436, DC GENAN AD DC LONGZHENG line. Survey is conducted by information collection and site investigation, respectively, from the line characteristics, charged or not, composite insulator installation methods and formulations, colors, smells, landforms, main birds and their behavior, peck along the line. To obtain sufficiently detailed data, provide basis for further analysis and testing plan, eventually find reasonably improved measures, all these are done for providing basis for line operation and bidding techniques formulation. 



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