Bus Boots

Bus Boots are used for switchgear industry like bus bar insulation. Bus boots line for switchgear insulation and bus bar insulation is the most economical alternative to taping in the industry.

Bus Boots properties:
A superior insulation for applications up to 38kV
Available in Red or Black Plastisol
Available in thousands of standard sizes
Electrical grade, UL? Listed
High dielectric strength
Easily installed or removed as often as required
Wide temperature operating range

Our bus boots are available in many standards sizes and comprised of high-quality, electrical grade red or black plastisol, which has exceptional dielectric properties. Custom sizing is available.

Bus boots are an inexpensive, effective, and more durable alternative to taping. Using tape instead of bus boots can make installation and repair time-consuming, as tape has to be removed and reapplied. Bus boots are easy to remove and install and fit snuggly over your bus bars.

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