Calculation of insulator level

Calculation of insulator level can help us choose appropriate levels of insulator. Calculation of insulator level is determined by the loading considerations – ice and wind loading parameters.


Calculation of insulator level:
1. Loading parameters:
Loading: Heavy Medium Light
Radial Ice thickness (in): 0.50 0.25 0
Horizontal Wind Pressure (lbs./sq. ft.): 4 (40 mph) 4 (40 mph) 9 (60 mph)
Temperature (degree F):0 +15 +30
Constant (lbs./ft.): 0.30 0.20 0.05
2. Steps used in calculating the total load on a conductor:
Select ice and wind parameters: Determine maximum radial ice thickness and wind pressure from the local standard.
Calculate vertical load: Conductor and ice weight between insulator span, including spacers and other equipment the conductor supports.
Calculate horizontal load: Horizontal wind pressure on the conductor, radial ice thickness, spacers and other equipment the conductor supports.
Calculate combined load: Vector sum of the horizontal and vertical loads.
Calculate total conductor load: Combine load plus the loading constant by the Loading parameters.

The calculation of insulator level is important in insulator choice. We can accord to our own needs to choose the appropriate insulator.

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