Capacitance and inductance

Capacitance and inductance are the most important properties of insulator. The parameters of interest for circuit analysis are resistance, leakage resistance, capacitance and inductance.


The inductance of a single-wire line
= µ 0 / 4π[1 + 4 ln {(d – r) / r}] H / m
Where d is the distance between the centers, and r is the radius, of the conductors.
When performing load flow and balanced-fault analysis on three-phase system it is usual to consider one phase only with the appropriate angular adjustments made for the other two phases. Therefore, phase voltages are used and the capacitance and inductance are the equivalent phase or lone-to-neutral values.
For a three-phase line with equilateral spacing the capacitance and inductance with respect to the hypothetical neutral conductor are used, and this inductance can be shown to be half the loop inductance of the single-phase line, i.e. the inductance of one conductor.

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