Ceramic Porcelain suspension insulators

The Ceramic porcelain suspension insulators distributed by Orient Power are of the highest quality porcelain insulators. They are manufactured from wet process porcelain, giving them the ability to shed water and dirt. This allows for little-to-no maintenance. The porcelain suspension insulators are tested to meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements.

Porcelain suspension insulator               Porcelain disc suspension insulator

Orient Power Ceramic porcelain suspension insulators are made to be more cost effective than pin type insulators when it comes to high voltage transmission. Porcelain disc suspension insulator is what originally made high voltage transmission possible, and consists of individual units designed to support a particular voltage.

Once you have decided which porcelain suspension insulator will work best to accommodate your needs, please click our “request a quote” link, and fill in the information required. One of our services representatives will be glad to assist you as soon as we receive your information. For additional information on Orient Power and any of the world-class porcelain insulators and bushings we offer.

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