Ceramic insulators history

Ceramic insulators history is traced back to 1850’s. Ceramic insulators had their start when local potteries began making telegraph insulators in the 1850's and 1860's. These crude early pieces were usually threadless and were produced in much lower quantities than their glass counterparts, and few have survived the years. The ceramic insulators of ceramic insulators history include pin insulator, spool insulator, guy strain insulator except porcelain disc suspension insulator.

Ceramic insulators              Ceramic disc insulators

Ceramic insulators history developing process:
With the advent of electric power distribution in the 1880's, larger and more reliable ceramic insulators were needed to carry the higher voltages of power lines, in the tens of thousands of volts. Several other companies had started making insulators from "dry press" porcelain, so-called because the almost dry porcelain in granular form was pressed (dry) into 2 or 3 piece steel molds.
In 1890’s, a number of other insulator manufacturers tried to make wet process porcelain themselves because of dry process ceramic insulator defects. With the electrical field developing, ceramic suspension insulator gradually appears.

In the 1940's a new type of insulator was developed by Lapp Insulator Company: the "Post" insulator. From around 1915 on, the ceramic insulator virtually replaced glass on all electrical distribution, even at low voltages, as the superiority was demonstrated in both insulation quality and strength. Disc suspension insulators were used on transmission lines.

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