Ceramic railway insulators

Ceramic railway insulators are often used in railway traction lines, especially suitable for tunnels of electrical railway.

Ceramic railway insulators

To be the Ceramic railway insulators, it must be satisfied the requirements of below:
1.Extreme Weather and Environmental Resistance
2.High Mechanical Strength
3.Life-Expectancy >40 years
4.Full Capability of Mechanical Combined Load Options
At the same time, Ceramic railway insulators also have the shortcoming of porcelain insulator easy to pollute and breakage. Ceramic railway insulators need people to test it times and times.

There are many requirements about Ceramic railway insulators production process:
1.Porcelain Wet Process
2.Extrusion Technology
3.Wet Turning Process
4.High Strength Alumina Porcelain
5.Wide Variety of Combined Load Options

Ceramic railway insulators will apply for the limited conditions


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