Characteristics of Polymeric pin insulators

The polymer pin insulator, designed primarily as an electrical and mechanical support of drivers installed in metal braces or not conductive. Likewise it can be used in bare cable systems in places where there is high vandalism.

The pin type polymeric insulators must have similar characteristics and composition so as to meet the material tests established in the ANSI C29.11 and ANSI C29.13 standards. This insulator is used in the posts with angled dressed and suspended. To loscircuitos 13.2 kV pin type may be used insulators with superior conventional staple or pin type insulators.

Insulators, bells and insulator core must be polyethylene polymer materials, silicon, high density or resin (cycloaliphatics). They should be protected from the effects of weather, in addition to providing an appropriate creepage distance. You must have a high resistance to electrical arc, be resistant to ultraviolet rays and chemical agents. The isolator must be molded in one piece.
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