Composite Insulator vs Porcelain Insulator

 Because the various technical properties of composite insulator and porcelain insulator are too different, direct comparison will lead to confusion and wrong conclusions. However final application data of composite insulator and porcelain insulator can and should be compared in terms of deflection under certain load, breakdown loads etc.

composite insulator
Figure. 1. Comparison of various SPI C10-1050 designs
Figure 1 shows, exemplarily for a C10-1050 SPI, the three types is the same for a cantilever bending failing load 10 kN and a lightning impulse withstand voltage 1050 kV, the porcelain insulator shows the smallest deflection, but by far the highest weight of the triple. The hollow core composite insulator, shows a slightly lower weight than the solid composite insulator does, at the same time having a remarkable smaller deflection. The shown buckling values were calculated to Euler 1 case, the numerical value for the hollow core type composite insulator is around 50 tons. It shall be noted that in the example shown the porcelain insulator already uses stacking technique, the solid core composite insulator already ranges on the upper length class of its technique, whereas the hollow core design is widely open for further enlargement in height and voltage .
composite insulator
Due to the nature of the different materials of composite insulator and porcelain insulator, the mechanical properties are essentially different. Porcelain insulator is a so to speak “digital” material, which is either sound or broken, whereas composite insulator start to damage from a certain load level on. This is respected in the appropriate standards by defining the so-said damage limit, above which irreversible destructions may happen, but still without a final mechanical breakdown. The above said is a given fact, and by that constituting an important issue whenever trying to make composites comparable to porcelains. The lightweights of composite insulator compared to porcelain insulator makes them basically the first choice whenever applications with significant seismic requirements are considered. 
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