Composite deadend insulator end fittings

Typical composite deadend insulator end fittings are clevis and tongue, Y-clevis, etc. Dimensions are in accordance with IEC 60120, IEC 60471 or IEC 61466, as well as equivalent ANSI.

Composite deadend insulator              Composite deadend insulator

Composite deadend insulator end fittings properties:
For distribution level up to 70 kN, cast steel end fittings are used.
For force ratings above 70 kN, forged steel end fittings are applied.
For special applications such as railway catenary line fittings, high strength coquille aluminium is often used.
The steel end fittings are hot dip galvanized. The thickness of the galvanizing follows the recommendations of IEC 60383.
Enhanced thickness for heavily corrosive in situ conditions or DC applications can be provided on request.

Details of the dimensions and their relation to force rating are shown in the Orient Power website. If you need, we can also send it to you by email. Anyway, you can get more info about composite deadend insulator end fittings from us.

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