Composite electrical insulators

Orient produces a comprehensive range of composite electrical insulators for overhead transmission lines up to the highest system voltages of 800 kV with the most progressive technology.

Composite electrical insulators              suspension insulator

Orient composite electrical insulators for overhead transmission and distribution lines include disc suspension insulators, line post insulators, station post insulators, porcelain bushing for apparatus, surge arresters, railway insulators, fused cut out porcelains, etc. Composite electrical insulators are manufactured to the various standards ANSI, IEC, CSA, BS, DIN, etc.

The advantage of composite electrical insulators lies in achieving high mechanical resistance in addition to their electrical insulation capability. The design of composite electrical insulators is affected decisively by the requirements of our customers and depends strongly on the environmental conditions of their future location.

You can learn more knowledge about composite suspension insulator in Orient Power website.

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