Composite insulator,polymeric insulator

Composite insulator is also called polymeric insulator consisting of insulation polymer housing, high mechanical strength FRP core and metallic end fittings, which is developed after toughened glass insulator and ceramic insulator.

Composite insulator,polymeric insulator

What is composite insulator?
Composite insulator is made from silicone rubber material, consists of silicone rubber housing, sheds, fiberglass core rod and metal fittings. It is installation and connection on poles, insulators, conductors and cables.

Where are composite insulator used?
Composite insulator or polymeric insulator covers a wide range in our daily life, it is used
◆ On power transmission, distribution lines and substations
◆ Used on traction railway systems
◆ Power plants

What are common types of composite insulators?
◆ Suspension composite insulator, used in electrical transmission lines, towers and conductors
◆ Composite post insulator, used for substation
◆ Pin polymeric insulator, used on distribution power lines etc.


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