Composite insulator products

Compared with ceramic and glass material insulators, composite insulator products have been the first choice for most of customers for its improved design and manufacturing process.

composite insulator products              composite insulator

Composite insulator products are very important component in the electric power systems such as sub-stations and distribution & transmission lines. In the early days, insulators were made of ceramic and glass materials. But in 1963, polymeric insulators were developed and its improvements in design and manufacturing in the recent years have made them attractive to utilities.

Composite insulator products consist of a fiberglass core rod covered by weathersheds of skirts of polymer such as silicone rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) and equipped with metal end fittings. They are called composite insulators, which means made of at least two insulating parts – a core and housing equipped with end fittings.

Composite insulator products have many advantages over the ceramic and glass insulators such as good performance in contaminated environment, light weight, easy handling, maintenance free, and considerably low cost etc. Because of these properties it is gaining popularity worldwide and replacing the conventional ceramic and glass insulators.

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