Composite insulator replace porcelain insulator

 Porcelain insulators are made from high quality non porous electrical porcelain and galvanized ferrous end fittings which provide long life and reliable performance over a wide range of environmental conditions.

Porcelain insulators can be used in all kinds of transmission and distribution systems. Porcelain insulators can be divided into low voltage porcelain insulator, hollow porcelain insulator and so on. Low voltage porcelain insulators were used in low voltage and low voltage ac and dc transmission lines, Low voltage porcelain insulators play the role of insulation and suspension wire. Low voltage insulator is usually made from glass or ceramic. Hollow bushings can be used in multiple places, such as: The circuit breaker, Capacitor, Lightning protection products and the Substation.
Now with the continuing development of the electric industry, the composite insulators which adopted synthesis insulation materials are popularized and applied rapidly by its excellent mechanical and electrical function, composite insulator becomes the new generation products, composite insulators replace the traditional porcelain insulator. 
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