Composite insulator

Composite insulator are available for applications up to system voltages of 52 kV. They provide a reliable solution for power utilities and railway companies with installations in severely polluted environments all over the world.

Composite insulator

The core of a composite insulator is a pultruded fiber glass rod which provides a high mechanical strength. In a direct injection molding process a non-tracking, erosion and UV resistant polymeric housing is molded directly onto the fiberglass rod. A corrosion resistant metal end fitting is crimped onto each end of the rod to provide a high mechanical strength. A new developed crimping control technology monitors the assembly process of the metal fittings and ensures that crimping forces cause no damage to the fiberglass rod while achieving a crimp that will withstand the highest possible mechanical loads. Sealed with a tracking and erosion resistant polyurethane barrier, the core is protected from deterioration due to moisture ingress.

Composite insulator is available as tension (suspension), line post and station post insulators. For railway applications, tension and strut compo site insulators are available in a large variety of configurations.

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