Composite insulators and Hybrid insulators

Composite insulators and Hybrid insulators are two kinds of different insulators. Composite insulators are made only composite materials. Hybrid insulators are made porcelain and composite materials.

Composite insulators

Composite insulators
They consist of a polymeric housing over a pultruded fiberglass rod to which galvanized steel or aluminum end fittings are attached. By molding directly over the end fitting, or by using a track resistant poly urethane, moisture ingress to the fiberglass rod is pre vented. Housing materials in either ethylene vinyl acetate or silicone are available depending on customer preference.
Modular lightweight insulators consist of a solid polymeric core with a polymeric housing. Stainless steel threads can be threaded directly into the polymeric core without the use of bulky metal fittings. These insulators are ideal for use in outdoor equipment and can be designed according to specific customer requirements.

Hybrid insulators

Hybrid insulators
Hybrid insulators consist of a high strength ceramic core with a polymeric housing. The best features of ceramic and polymeric insulators are combined, resulting in high mechanical strength and excellent electrical behavior under polluted conditions. For extremely polluted environments a protected creepage design is available which provides outstanding electrical performance using an economical solution.

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