Composite insulators

Our composite insulators are designed for applications up to a system voltage of 10kv~800kv, suitable for overhead distribution and transmission lines.

Composite insulator              Composite insulators

Composite insulators feature:
Simple maintenance, Unbreakable, Variation in Design, Wide range of service temperatures
Good resistance to soiling and flashover, high quality and reasonable prices, better anti-pollution ability
Cheaper price and lower cost, highly extensible, acid-proof core rod, reliable triple labyrinth sealing ends
Suitable for the middle and above contamination areas, particularly in the heavy contamination areas
Designs for polluted conditions, Reduces weight, high bending strength

All kinds of composite insulators should not fail due to environmental and electrical conditions of the occurrence of various electrical and mechanical load, otherwise composite insulator will not produce a significant role, and will directly harm the use and operation of the entire line and working lifespan.

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