Composite line post insulators

Composite line post insulators are ideal products used in urban areas for their outstanding advantages. The full range of line posts, mechanical range, grading rings and other details of the insulators are as follows.

Composite line post insulators applications:
Line posts are the ideal solution for compact line applications in urban areas.
They are also ideal for upgrading the capacity of existing lines with a narrow right of way – by increasing the voltage or the number of circuits.
Furthermore they have a reduced visual impact and are well-suited to innovative tower and pole designs.

Composite line post insulators Key advantages:
Reduced conductor movement
Reduced phase to phase spacing = compact line
Low visual impact
Less radio noise
No risk of puncture
Adapted to steel, wood and concrete poles
Good pollution performance

Composite line post insulator

Orient offers full range of Composite line post insulators:
Line post
Braced line post: The brace increases the vertical load capacity of the line post assembly.
Pivoting horizontal Vee: The pivoting base prevents bending of the post insulators, thereby increase its axial compression load capacity and minimize torsion loads on the support structure.
Pivoting horizontal Vee with boomerang: The mechanical performance of the pivoting horizontal vee can be further enhanced by the application of a boomerang type fitting at the line end.

Custom made Composite line post insulators covering material:
Orient is the only insulator manufacturer able to supply the entire product range of suspension and post insulators in two different covering materials:
Silicone rubber which provides excellent hydrophobic and recovery characteristics that limit leakage current and prevents arcing even in very heavy polluted and seacoast environments.
EPDM rubber which has been specially formulated to provide optimum weathering and electrical properties for all operating conditions. It has proven its efficiency over a wide range of climates, contamination levels and line voltages since 1975.
While our EPDM is proprietary to Orient, both housing materials have been specially formulated to provide an optimum combination of electrical, weathering and durability properties.

Mechanical range: up to 15 kN.m (132
Composite line post insulators grading ring: 15.4" (390 mm) diameter
Composite line post insulators grading ring    Composite line post insulator grading ring
Grading rings: At higher operating voltages, grading rings are necessary to reduce the voltage gradient on and within the insulators, and to reduce radio noise to acceptable levels. The Orient recommendations for composite suspension insulators used in non-contaminated and low altitude (< 1000 m) areas are:

2.5" serie 30
3.0" & 3.5" series 35 & 40
Line end
Tower end
Line end
Tower end
230 kV
No ring
No ring
No ring
345 kV
No ring
No ring
500 kV

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