Composite pin insulators

Composite pin insulators are manufactured to IEC 61109. A wide variety of composite pin type insulators are available with various kinds of end fittings to meet exact requirements of the customer.

Composite pin insulators

Orient manufacturer world class range of composite insulators for overhead transmission & distribution lines. Composite pin insulators features are as follows:
The use of Polymeric/Silicone Rubber base insulators have several advantages over the conventional ceramic insulators like light weight, unbreakable, hydrophobic, resistant to ozone & UV radiations, resistant to earth quake shocks , self cleaning properties & resistant to vandalism.
Manufactured to IEC 61109.
The external sheds are moulded from Silicone rubber on the latest state of the art injection moulding machinery from Desma, Germany. The silicone rubber is procured from world renowned companies across the world.
The end fittings which are intended to connect to a supporting structure or to a conductor are made up of malleable iron and are duly Hot dip galvanized.
The metal end fittings are crimped on microprocessor controlled automatic hydraulic crimping machines.
Various types Pin insulators are available in voltage ratings of 11 kV to 33 kV

Composite pin insulators construction features:
Pin type insulators consist of lower end fitting, FRP rod, silicone housing, and upper end fitting.
The core is the insulating part of the composite insulator and is made up of fiber glass rod and is designed to ensure the necessary mechanical characteristics. The FRP rod used in the manufacturing of Silicone rubber insulators is one of core material which is manufactured by protrusion process using boron free ECR grade glass fiber having required mechanical & electrical characteristics.

Quality control
Orient has the requisite infrastructure to carry out routine tests on the insulators as desired by international/national standards like: Dry power frequency voltage test, Mechanical Tensile test,-/*- Thermo mechanical test chamber, U.V. weathering Rubber tensile test etc. as per IEC 61109. Silicone line pin insulator.

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