Composite post insulators

Composite post insulators are one main part of substations, and used as insulation element for electrical systems up to 1000kv. Composite post insulators are made from HTV silicone rubber materials.

Composite post insulators

Consisting of FRP glass-fiber resin forced rod (FRP glass fibres impregnated with resin forced, resistant to electrochemical corrosion) with hot-dip galvanized steel or iron fittings (cramped centrally on the rod) as well as HTV silicone rubber silicone rubber housing and sheds.

Composite post insulators are operation under outdoor conditions in AC high voltage lines up to 100 Hz, mainly for disconnecting switches and bus bar supports.

Types of Composite post insulators:
◆ C25-550/3015/KS; C25-550/3280/KS, C25-550/3945/KS, C20-650/4130/KS, C20-650/5000/KS, C16-750/4700/KS, C16-750/5700/KS, C12,5-950/6045/KS, C12,5-950/7365/KS, C12,5-1050/6620/KS, C12,5-1050/8070/KS

◆C25-550/3015/KK; C25-550/3280/KK, C25-550/3945/KK, C20-650/4130/KK, C20-650/5000/KK, C16-750/4700/KK, C16-750/5700/KK, C12,5-950/6045/KK, C12,5-950/7365/KK, C12,5-1050/6620/KK, C12,5-1050/8070/KK

Composite post insulators are also manufactured, tested and designed in accordance with ANSI C29.11 and ANSI C29.12 standards.


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