Composite suspension insulator,Composite suspension insulator with high strength

Composite suspension insulator definition:
We are a reputed manufacturer and supplier and also produce and supply other high voltage composite suspension insulator  with high strength, for example different voltage composite suspension insulator, ceramic suspension insulator.
We use high quality raw materials like FRP core, Silicon Rubber shed, end fitting in the manufacturing of composite suspension insulators. Our composite suspension insulator strength is widely used in long distance transmission line.

Composite suspension insulator test:
The specified mechanical Load level of composite suspension insulator is from 120kN, 160KN, 210kN.
Composite suspension insulators use 5000 hours Aging Test, which own international inspection and test report. Reference standard ANSIC29.11, high voltage composite suspension insulators have four types of tests: prototype tests, design tests, sample tests, routine tests.

Composite suspension insulator                               high strength Composite suspension insulator
                           Composite suspension insulator            high strength Composite suspension insulator          

Composite suspension insulator requirements:
Composite suspension insulators with high mechanical and electrical strength are designed to meet the most modern demands for transmission and distribution line usage today. Each composite suspension insulator undergoes rigorous electrical testing & mechanical testing before shipment.

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