Composite suspension insulators for HV applications

The dependability of Orient Power composite suspension insulators for HV applications over the last 20 years is demonstrated by the continuing excellent performance of 2 million insulators in service worldwide.
Orient Power offers appropriate solutions for composite suspension insulators operating in all kinds of environments at voltages up to 765 kV.

Composite suspension insulator

Custom made covering materials:
Orient Power is the leader suspension insulator manufacturer able to supply the entire product range of composite suspension insulators in two different covering materials:
1.Silicone rubber which provides excellent hydrophobic and recovery characteristics that limit leakage current and prevents arcing even in very heavy polluted and seacoast environments.
2.HDPE which has been specially formulated to provide optimum weathering and electrical properties for all operating conditions. It has proven its efficiency over a wide range of climates, contamination levels and line voltages since 1999.

While our HDPE is proprietary to Orient Power, both housing materials have been specially formulated to provide an optimum combination of electrical, weathering and durability properties.

Orient Power also produces other insulator, such as pin insulators, post insulators, line post insulators and porcelain insulators and so on.

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