Composite suspension or tension insulator

Composite suspension or tension insulator can be used on transmission and distribution lines, and has some advantages, better performance than porcelain insulators.

Composite suspension or tension insulator

The advantages of Composite suspension or tension insulator
◆ The shed has favorable waterproof performance, which the whole structure assure the internal insulation is not wet, not need to test of prevent insulation and cleanup, to reduce the routine maintenance work capacity
◆ Good sealing performance, strength anti-ageing, corrosion proof, low-temperature proof performance
◆ Applied to -40℃~+5℃ areas, they have strong resistance to impact and creep resistance, unbearable anti-bend, high anti-bend strength, loading internal, force and strong explosion proof

Once chosen the insulator that is the most suitable to the characteristics of the line on which you have to install it, in order to obtain the total length of the insulator (L), please select the kind of fitting end you have to use and refer to the suitable insulators

Composite suspension or tension insulator is special for badly polluted areas, high mechanical tension load, long span and compact line, and have features of light weight, small volume, unbreakable, anti-bend, high strength wrest resistance and strong explosion protection.


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