Connectivity silicone suspension insulators

Orient Power Systems offers a complete line of Connectivity silicone suspension insulators covering all applied voltage classes from Distribution Class Insulators to Extra High Voltage transmission applications including 1000kVDC. In addition, Orient Power offers Connectivity silicone suspension insulators for electrical substation applications for both substation post and Ultra-high voltage transmission needs. Orient Power Systems is a leader in Connectivity silicone suspension insulators Technology with product installations in over 20 countries world-wide with the capabilities of providing both ANSI and IEC qualified products and systems.

silicone suspension insulator

Orient Power Systems’ APEX brand of Connectivity silicone suspension insulators systems serves Transmission Overhead Line applications providing complete assemblies from the tower to the conductor. The complete family of products includes transmission suspension and line posts, Connectivity silicone suspension insulators and hardware including braced suspension insulator systems and EHV transmission assemblies, as well as advanced engineering solutions and custom packaging.

Orient Power provides the highest level of quality in design, manufacturing, and reliability. Orient Power Connectivity silicone suspension insulators are designed for long-lived reliable service. The Orient Silicone Rubber formulation has provided decades of service with superior protection against UV radiation, electrical aging and corona effect. Patented design characteristics such as the Stacked Weathershed configuration and the redundant end-fitting sealing system provide inherent protection against material aging and environmental stresses.

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